We are a non profit corporate charity that focuses on spinal cord injury research support and assistance with a mission to make the wishes of so many, come true.WISHES M.A.D.E. Making A Difference Every, by B.I.G. Better Idea's Group.

about us

Choosing the perfect cause to stand behind for you & your loved ones can be an emotional task, considering that their are so many to choose from. though their are many great causes deserving of your time & hard earned money. I you decide to choose Wishes Made Big, we are all about making the process easy and fun!

Simply put

We aren't charitable choice experts, but we know what and who we love. We can only recommend that you follow your heart!

Which, cause tugs at your heart strings while screaming, this cause is something that helps someone I love! :) Maximize every donation dollar, that you work hard for. Let the trumpets roar and the angels sing in your heart, that's what Making a Difference everywhere feels like! ;)


upcoming projects

which cause do I stand behing?

See some of the accomplishments Wishes Made Big has been able to achieve, with the help of our so loved supporters. Special thanks to Made Big Group.

Wishes Made Big, Lake Home Lottery, Coming Soon!


Wheelchair access for Jay & Guests at The Jewel of the North